Friday, April 9, 2010

More altering for dimensional elements

I just love our My Creation Memory Keepers.  I have lost count of how many boxes I have decorated and given as gifts.  They are so much fun to make!  I made this one for my expected niece, scheduled (can you schedule a birth?) to arrive in late May!  I learned something new!  Using the CTMH Bonding Memories Glue is the easiest and best way to adhere the paper to the box.  It worked like a charm. 

I also used a combination of paper packets, Topstitch and Magic Moments, to create the color scheme to match the nursery.  The letters that spell her name were created with dimensional elements, heat embossing and sponging to get the polka dot affect.  See below for the step by step process. 

First, the supplies you need include:  dimensional elements of your choice.  I love the CTMH product because they are white!  An easy base to start with.  Add Spot on Backgrounds stamp set, Versamark ink, White or Clear embossing powder, Craft Heater, Craft tray (shown in blue in following photo), colored ink of choice, sponge. 

First, use your versamark ink to stamp the desired "texture" onto the letter.  It is ok to stamp on a couple of letters because the ink will stay moist to accept the embossing powder. 

Set the letter in the craft tray, sprinkle liberally with white embossing powder, and tap off the extra.  The craft tray makes it easier to return the excess powder back into the container for future use!  It has a small "funnel" mouth at one end for easy pouring. 

Using the craft heater and a small pointed tool like the paper piecer or embossing tool to hold the letter in place, begin heating the letter until you see the embossing powder change from a dull to a shiny look.  Make sure to move the heater all over the letter to emboss all of the "texture" image. 

This is what the letter looks like after the heating.  You can even stop here for a fun texture for your letters.

To add color contrast, sponge the ink over the letter and continue until you get the color coverage you like.  You can then wipe the letter with a tissue and the embossed "texture" will come cleans and show the contrast of the background. 

This is what your final product looks like.  Now get out your dimensional elements and give it a try!  I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about how this worked for you!

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