Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Senior Executive Manager! Toot Toot!

Yes, that is me tooting my own horn.  Just as I was headed out the door this morning, I got a call from the CTMH corporate office congratulating me on my promotion to the next level!  Yippee!  And, I admit, I was a little surprised!  I have been working toward becoming a Director, but there is a step in between where I was, Executive Manager and where I am working to be.  I had completely forgotten about that step. 

The lesson here for me was, don't forget the baby steps.  Sometimes I get discouraged because I can't "work my business" like I would like to or because when I do, I don't see immediate results.  Baby steps my friends, baby steps.  (Really, I am talking to myself here!) 

So what is a Senior Executive Manager? 

It means that I have a wonderful group of customers and friends who have supported me for 8 years as I have grown in this business. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you who have shared in this business by purchasing and using CTMH products, by sitting around the crop table with me each month and sharing your stories, and by being a friend. You are all awesome! Thanks so much for everything!

It means that I have at least 13 wonderful, active consultants who work with me to share this great company, their products and inspiration.  (I don't know exact numbers at the moment because the monthly reports are posteded on the 15th.)  I have others that a junior consultants who do the same but at a different monetary level!  I love them all!

It means that I get a pay raise!

It means that I get a promotion certificate, my name published in the Ribbon, a phone call from the corporate office, a CTMH apron with my name on it, and free registration for leadership day at our annual convention!  Have I mentioned that I love this company? 

I will post a photo of me and my new apron after I get it. 

And now off to celebrate!

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