Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My Happy Place

Every year I take a trip to the Close to My Heart convention.  I spend that time relaxing a bit, connecting with friends I have met through the years and then filling my creative soul with inspiration. 

This year I am heading to Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, chosen specifically for this conference! 

Over the 16 years as a consultant, I have met many wonderful people who I look forward to reconnecting with during these times.  They have become friends that are family and we have shared many stories of adventure, travel, and offer one another encouragement and support in all the ways.

This is a great opportunity to connect and learn with my team.  They have been on this journey with me for many years and I appreciate the talent and gifts that each offer!  (And some are already there getting some play time in before the conference begins. 

I am so fortunate to work with a company that provides these opportunities of enrichment!  I will come home with my bucket filled and ideas overflowing, ready to share with you!


looking forward to a little time by the pool today! 

Can't wait to share when I return. 


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