Monday, February 3, 2014

A tool that I can't live without!

It's day three of my Valentine posts, celebrating products I love.   This tool set comes in handy for many different uses.  I have three of them...

First, I use it to poke holes through layers of paper when I am adding a brad embellishment.  It make a quick and clean hole for easier embellishing.  I make sure I have the pad behind my paper to protect the surface I am working on.

Second, I use it to pick up, transfer and place smaller, self adhesive embellishments such as sparkles or pearls.  By carefully sliding the point of the tool under the item like a sparkle, it will stick to the point and remove from its carrier sheet.  Then I move the point to the area I want to place the sparkle, set it on the paper and then hold the sparkle in place with a finger from my other hand and slide the point out and it sticks...right where I want it!

Third, if I want to stitch on my paper or just add a design of faux stitching, I use the paper piercer with the ruler or stitch guide to to pre-poke the holes creating my design.  Then I use a journaling pen to "connect the dots" for faux stitching or thread and needle to complete the design.  I have also just left the pattern of holes as a design itself. 

Fourth, I am sure I have left out some my the uses for this tool as I grab it often for assistance in my creating.  What would you use it for?

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