Monday, July 8, 2013

My journey to director

Many of you know that I am working hard to earn a trip to Costa Rica through Close to My Heart.  Along the way, I had the happy surprise of becoming a Senior Director with CTMH.  It was not something I planned for or realized when I took on the challenge but was delighted to find myself there. 
What are the benefits of being director?  Well, beside a pay raise, there are many tangible and intangible rewards.  Maybe you will find yourself wanting to be a director too!
First off, I received a special gift from corporate celebrating my accomplishment.  This came just in time for me to pack for the convention in Florida. 
Second, at convention, they reserve special seating for directors, know as the “black chairs.”  These coveted seats are right up front for great visualization of all the exciting general sessions.  It was truly great to see the events in person and not of the big screen.
Black Chair Debut
Third, an evening at Epcot Center with dinner at the aquarium windows, up front seating for the light show and then back door entrance to the ride Soarin’.  And then a beautiful gift.  (I will post a photo of that later.)
(Yes I am blurry but Mickey is looking good!)
Finally and probably my favorite of all, time to connect with really awesome people.  For the first time, I met people who I have mentored with on Facebook, shared emails with regarding business, and just wanted to meet because I knew they were great people.  Because of the time we were able to spend together, they are now friends.  What a great benefit of this journey and an fantastic company to work for!

Dana Swadling and me.  One of my mentors and cheerleaders.

Thanks Close to My Heart for all you do!

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