Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stamping Techniques Blog Hop

This month our blog hop group wants to share some new and not so new but fun stamping techniques with you.  During our Creative Live event in November, we were reminded of how simple and easy some of these techniques can be and how much they add to our artwork!  It is fun to take favorite stamp set to a new level and try a new twist!

So, welcome to the technique blog hop.  If you have arrived from Brenda's blog, you are on the right track.  From here, you will move on to Darlys' Blog to see what she is sharing.

Since it is the holiday season, I added a little "mistletoe" to the mix and am sharing the kissing technique with you!  Yes, stamp kissing is a technique.  To do this, you take a solid stamp, like the tree base from this set, and you "kiss" a more line drawn stamp to it and you get a design on the solid stamp that will show when you stamp the solid image.

Here's exactly how I did it.
1.  I inked the solid stamp really well in the fern ink.
2.  I used the small swag stamp and kissed it to the solid stamp.  I used a VERY slight movement when they were kissed to assure an image transfer.
3.  I wiped the swag stamp on my dry stamp scrubber to remove any transferred ink and then "rekissed" in a new spot.
4.  I worked from bottom to top, moving the swag stamp up and altering the image side to side to avoid a repeating pattern.
5.  I cut out the tree and added it to my card.
6.  I added "bling" to the areas of the "kiss" that were "imperfect" or blank...a little bling covers a multitude of imperfect kisses.

Wah Lah!  You have perfectly kissed trees.

Now bring a little mistletoe kissing to your stamping and give it a try?



  1. Wow, what a perfect use of stamp kissing. Very effective! Love, love your card. Also, so glad we could meet yesterday at the CTMH WYW event.

  2. This worked beautifully with your choice of "kissing" stamps!!

  3. Ooooh...the kissing looks great on this! Need to incorporate this technique too! Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Love how you showed the Kissing technique. I have wanted to try this technique. Fabulous card!

  5. Fantastic execution of the kissing technique. I love the dimension it created on the frees. Beautiful card.