Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, that was a couple of weeks ago now.  I had a great week of birthday celebrations.  It started the night before at team time with fellow Close to My Heart consultants…who are also great friends. 
The next day, I flew to Las Vegas with my hubby, in search of summer.  We found it!  It was really nice to just soak up the sun by the pool for two days at Mandalay bay.  This was my view from where I lay, reading my booking and dipping into the pool when it got too hot!
After coming home from Vegas, the next day I met up with my friend Trish and we headed to our cabin for a mommy vacation.  We had a great time crafting together, catching up on our lives, and shopping in Leavenworth.  So much fun, so relaxing. 
The great thing about having so many talented friends in the paper craft arena is that you get the cutest birthday cards ever!  Here are the hand made cards I received!  I wanted to share so you can see the creative work of these friends.
From Trish M.
From Mary T.
From Diana G.
From Jessica B.
From Lalia H.
Thank you everyone for the extra special birthday greetings. 

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