Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How would you describe yourself?

There is a place for everyone at Close To My Heart... 
Everyone has a different style of paper crafting, scrapbooking, and creating.  That's what I love about Close to My Heart Products.  The exceptional products fit any style.

Every consultant has a different style of business.  That's what I love about Close to My Heart, it can fit my style...even if that style changes. 

Even if you have never thought about being a consultant, you may find your style in the list below.  If you do find a "style" you recognize, I would love to talk with you.

Business Builder

Earn additional income by working with customers, hosting workshops and home gatherings, harnessing online shopping and more. Whether you want just a little extra spending money or enough to pay your bills, the sky is the limit.

Studio J Consultant

The Studio J bug has bitten you and you love the ease of creating layouts, the instant gratification and outstanding quality. Start taking advantage of the 22%+ Consultant discount!

Club Coordinator

You and your friends love Close To My Heart. Get the group together once a month to create one of CTMH's Workshop on the Go and receive a 22%+ discount on your purchases.
Personal Use Consultant

You are a Close To My Heart enthusiast and submit an average of $300 by yourself (or with a group of your friend) in orders per quarter. It's time for you to start earning a minimum of 22%+ discount on all your purchases.

Junior Consultant

You like CTMH's products and can't resist an amazing deal - all that comes in the kit for such a low price. You might order a few things a year at a 10% discount, would love access to our exceptional Bulletin Board full of art inspiration or would like to attend one of Close To My Heart's exclusive Consultants only events. Everyone signs up as a full Consultant and if after one full quarter, you do not have $300 in retail sales, you will become a Junior Consultant. Anytime you submit $300 in sales in any given quarter, you'll even bump back up to full status and start receiving a 22%+ discount!

Did you recognize any "style" that fit you?  Someone you know?  I would love to hear from you!

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