Monday, July 19, 2010

I am back...well virtually!

After convention in DC, it has been a whirl wind of activity in the Rowley household.  And now, we find ourselves packing for our next adventure.  But, I wanted to at least leave you with some scheduled posts sharing some recent artwork and thoughts.  So first, a board book. 

This 6x6 board book is perfect for any mini album or "story" you want to share.  I created mine when it was still raining in Seattle and I was looking forward to some summer sun.  Thus, my title, Summer Wishes. I plan to put in photos of the experiences that have and will bring us sunshine this summer, even if the big yellow, warm, globe in the sky stays hidden.  The Splendor paper packet produces sunshine on the pages, even without the photos and the cute a-door-ables hide surprises yet to be discovered.  Enjoy the "tour" of this book.  If you are interested in a workshop to create a book, contact me.  Or, if you want the cutting guide, email me for the worksheet. 

A-door-able covered with B&T paper.

A-door-able covered with B&T paper.

A-door-able stamped with first and second generation stamp and then sponged with same colored ink.

This set of pages has an insert of a "short" page to add more space for photos. 

Back cover with a-door-able, stamped and photo clip added as a clasp.

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