Friday, February 26, 2010

Why I love being a CTMH consultant! Why you will love it too!

I love receiving gifts, the pretty wrapping, the anticipation of unwrapping, and the surprise of what may be inside! I have this little bag and in it I have a toy horse, a luggage tag, and some paint chips. What do these mean? These are items that represent only a few of the "gifts" that I have gotten to do as a result of the extra income I get from my CTMH business.

My daughter Alli has been a horse lover since she was about 4 years old. As she started taking lessons, I had this urge to live out my childhood dream and learn to ride as well. I began in a "mom's" class at the arena where she was riding. I was able to take lessons for about two years, using my CTMH income. I loved it and although other commitments have taken me out of the arena, I feel very blessed that I know how to ride and care for horses. It's a good thing...Alli will start leasing her own horse in April.


In the fall of 2008, Jeff and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on board the Norwegian Jewel in the Mediterranean, compliments of CTMH. Yes, I earned that cruise through the incentive program offered by CTMH. The entire trip was a gift of a lifetime. The opportunity to explore the art and history of Italy, the civilization of Pompeii, the beauty of the Amalfi coast and the wonders of Barcelona were amazing. I am so thankful for the gift of experience and celebration on this memorable cruise.


We have lived in our home over 10 years and I have wanted to add some color to the walls. I was able to do so this winter with the CTMH income I saved throughout the summer and fall of 2009. I love the khaki and red colored walls in the living room, the sunny yellow in the bathrooms and the subtle sage green in our bedroom.

You can experience gifts like these as well! From the moment you become a CTMH, you are given access to the consultant website with ideas, training, support and information you will love! Then your kit arrives, for $99, you receive $300 in product! It's like Christmas! And in the month of March, new consultants will also receive the four “stamp of the month” sets from the Summer Idea Book 2010. That means, new stamp sets before even current consultants get them! And it adds another $90 value to the kit.
The gifts don't end there! You receive $25 in product credit when you have $300 in sales in the first month and $125 in product credit when you have $1800 in sales in the first 3 months for a total of $150 in product credit.


That is up to me! I can decide what my next goal is and when I want to reach it! You can too!

Contact me if you want more information how you can receive $400 in CTMH product for $99...that is a great gift, full of potential to keep on giving!

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