Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tried this pin?

Have you seen the button on Pinterest that let's you share if you have tried one of posts and how it went?  Well this is a story of "trying" an idea from the Close to My Heart Facebook page and they aced it!

My friend and customer Gail, along with her daughter Kelly saw the post and decided to give it a try!  They then posted the results which were stunning!  Don't you love it when it works? 

Here's how to make these:
1. Spray paint pumpkins white, or use ghost pumpkins. 
2. Stamp & emboss on white tissue paper- (we used silver & gold embossing powder with our 'Falling For You' stamp set).
3. Cut the image out - the less tissue paper along the edges, the better.
4. Mod Podge image onto the tops of your pumpkins & let dry! Simple, fun, fabulous!😘

And here are the results in Gail's home!

Absolutely beautiful!  What crafty idea have you tried lately?  I would love to see what you have made! 

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