Friday, December 18, 2015

Beautiful You!

Yes that's right!  You are beautiful!  I often have a hard time believing that about myself but every day I make an effort to celebrate who I am even if it is just for a moment. 

With this thought in mind, I was inspired by Beckie Lehman's use of the Picture My Life card set to create a display board that I can add photos to that celebrate me! 

I love the gold foil accents on the cards and adding Pomegranate Fundamental Assortment, Gold Shimmer Trim and Gold Foil tape to highlight them even more.  The new Pomegranate color is such a great color for the rolled roses cut from the Artiste Cricut cartridge and I added a little Cotton Candy as well. 

And then, what do you do with the leftover cards?   Why you use them to create more of course!

So I took the leftover cards and the La Vie En Rose paper packet and made three double page layouts.  Sticking with the same gold shimmer trim and pink enamel gems, I added some flowers cut from the Artistry Cricut cartridge to add whimsy to the design.  (This was inspired by Chris Lothian) Ahhh, love how it turned out. 

And guess what, I still had Picture My Life cards left so I started creating cards!  More La Vie En Rose, gold shimmer trim, pink enamel gems and a few card bases.  Easy to create greeting cards were made in a flash!  Here are just three of the cards out of the 12 I created.  I repeated the card design and will have more cards to share later!

Finally, yes, I had saved out some special cards.  They were so pretty and I tend to hoard the pretty ones.  But I decided to create a banner with them!  The projects seem endless and fun! 

Treat yourself to a celebration of YOU and create with these Beautiful You cards as well.  I am hosting a workshop in my home on Sunday January 9th.  You can choose the project or set of projects you would like to complete from just this one set of Picture My Life Cards.  Whether you order a kit to go or sign up for the class by Dec 30th, I will supply the Cricut cuts and ribbon for you to create the banner for FREE!  Contact me today

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