Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling a little like Jonah, up from the whale

I feel like since June 1st I have been swallowed up in the Whale of the "last" this, "graduation" that and "final" event.  But, that is what I love to be able to do as a stay at home mom or in reality "never at home."  Today was the completion of most of the "lasts" that I was a significant participant in,  therefore, I feel like Jonah, spit up on the beach from the belly of the whale.   Ahhh!

The great part is that I have tapped into the creative options I have and made items for the different celebrations.  Now time to share one of them with you!

These are the center pieces for the PTA volunteer celebration.  I used the Fanfare paper packet and stickease to create pinwheels and flags.  Fun and festive.  After the event, they were given away in a drawing so some of the volunteers got to take them home! 

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