Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is black and white and pink all over?

My work table.  Right now I am working on a set of cards.  I have been using the Sweet Heart paper (X7134B), packet, the new stamp set Tailor-Made (C1442), and any pink embellishment I can get my hands on.  Since my girls have grown up a bit...they are not really into pink as much but I know someone who still appreciates pink and will love this set of cards.

To get started, I used the "Just Because" 20 card workshop from the Wishes Card Confidence Program (9033).  This book gives you individual card patterns with lots of samples and rotated pattern ideas.  The workshop sets include cutting patterns for several cards so that you can complete a set of cards using 2-6 sheets of paper.  Faster, simpler, easier! 

I haven't finished my complete set, but here are a couple cards to whet your creative palette.  

The work table...not as black, white and pink but you get the idea. 

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