Monday, September 29, 2014

Tool Time: Spritz and stamp scrubber to clean Cricut Mats

This tool may seem basic but it really is an important part of your creative endeavors.  The video below will show you how it works.  But, this past week, I found a second use for the spritz and scrubber.  I had several mats that weren't sticky enough to use but were still in good condition.  I sprayed them with spritz, let them sit for a couple of minutes and then used the scrubber to scrub off the loosened paper fibers.  I then ran the mat under lukewarm water to rinse and let it dry. 

After the mat was dry, I used the CTMH memories bonding glue and covered the mat with a light layer of glue, being careful to stay in the "sticky" area.  When that dried, I was able use the mats again.  Love that!

Happy crafting,

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