Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You have a choice!

Just back from the Close to My Heart Convention in Disneyland and I have so much to share but before I get to those posts, let me share the best news of all.  You can join today with a kit specifically set up for you!  Scrapbooker?  Card maker?  You have a choice!

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Why should you choose today?  For every person who joins my team in July 2014, I will offer a free Workshop on the Go from the new Annual Inspirations Idea book, when you reach $300 in sales.  

Where do you fit?  There is a place for everyone at Close to My Heart!  Which position might fit you, your creative style, and your lifestyle?
  • Business builder:  Looking to add a little or a lot of cash to your family budget?  CTMH provides the tools and training to create and support your own business.  Start your own business today, set your hours, be your boss, and enjoy the benefits of a great company!
  • Creative coordinator:  Do you find yourself gathering together with friends for a crop time?  Planning fun nights out with friends?  Setting up  creative activities for a community group or church?  Close to My Heart offers products and workshops that make your planning easier than ever...and a 22% discount on the products (or commission for you.)
  • Hobbyist:  Do you want a discount on your own personal products?  If you and a couple of friends really love the Close to My Heart products and spend around $100 per month on craft products, then this could be for you!  ($300 per quarter) You get a 22% discount and have access to the CTMH consultant website full of ideas and inspiration. 
  • Independent consultant:  Have a dream of how you would like to earn money, get a discount, or play with paper?  As an independent consultant, you have the opportunity to make your dream come true. 

At Close to My Heart, there truly is a place for everyone!  I love what I do and I want to share the possibilities with you.  I am looking for people interested in all of these different positions.  I would love to support you as you find your place, whatever that might be! 

Contact me for questions or go online and sign up today!


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