Thursday, May 15, 2014

Studio J! No mess!

I love Studio J.  I can take my photos, select a paper packet, select a layout and create to my heart's content without making a mess!   Yes, it really is that easy and that tidy!  Just me and my laptop, anywhere I have internet access.  I am working on updating my daughter's album through this past year because she is graduating...and I want to share her albums with our guests.  Studio J is fast too!

Another thing I love about Studio J is sizing my photos.  This layout has a place for a large photo.  I love to work with large photos but it is a little more challenging to get the printed and cropped to the right size with classic scrapbooking.  With Studio J, it is easy.  You just drag and drop the photo into the photo well and then crop to fit!  (I actually enlarged the photo just a bit to get the fullness of her hair as well.)  The large photo of Alli is one of my favorite and I am so excited I was able to focus on her face and beautiful smile.  (Yes we paid beau coup bucks for those beautiful teeth too.)

Just for your information, this is the Claire paper packet and the Side Bar-Photo Accent (left side) and Side Bar-Balancing Act (right side).  You can also find the cutting guide for these layouts in our Relections how to book.  You can see all the how to books and purchase this book on my website here. 

 Want to play with Studio J?  It is free!  Access Studio J here.  Want more information or a tutorial?  Contact me to set up a date and time.   

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