Friday, July 26, 2013

Tutorial: Japanese Doll

Remember the Japanese doll card I created this past spring?  Well, I made a photo tutorial of how I created her dress.  This little lady would be fun to create in a variety of paper packets so if you don’t have Dream Pop, then try something new! 
Close to My heart - ctmh- Dream Pop -Oval -Japanese
Cut three ovals the same size.
Close to My heart - ctmh- Dream Pop -Oval stack -Japanese
Layer the ovals to create the design you like.  Adhere them together.
Close to My heart - ctmh- Dream Pop -Oval back stack -Japanese
Flip the three adhered ovals over.
Close to My heart - ctmh- Dream Pop -Oval trim -Japanese
Use your micro tip scissors to trim off the access from the side ovals, creating your original oval shape.
Close to My heart - ctmh- Dream Pop -Oval front -Japanese
Turn back to the right side and trim just a small piece off the bottom of the underneath oval to “flatten” the

bottom edge.  (sorry for the blurry photo)

For the face, I cut a circle from champagne colored cardstock and for the hair, I cut a second circle, 0.2 inch larger than the face, in black.  Cut out wedge for hair. 
Finally, I used this tutorial for my inspiration.  I love all the different “hairstyle” options she tried.  Gonna have to play some more with this pattern. 

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