Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When do you get my discount?

When I want to go to Costa Rica!

This month, I get double points for my total sales.  My goal is $4000.  So, that means you get the deal of the decade.

Between June 10th and 15th, 2013, purchase a $100 bundle and save 30%. (shipping and tax apply on each bundle,  approx. $15 total)

Bundle suggestions:

1.)Cricut Cartridge Bundle:

Art Philosophy $99,  plus one sponge ($1.25) or

Artiste $99 plus one sponge ($1.25)

Total 100.25 but you pay $70.18

2.) Album Bundle:

Two albums ( your choice of color) $49.90

Page Protectors (50) 22.95

Spine Expanders (10) $.2.95

Label Holders (2) $4.95

Half inch extender posts (12) $5.75

Work in progress album  15.95

Total 102.65 but you pay $71.85

3.) Studio J Bundle:

Two Studio J 5 packs 79.90

(10 layouts includes shipping and page protectors, to be redeemed at your leisure)

  Album of your choice $24.95

Total  $104.84 but you pay$73.39

4.) Your pick bundle:

Do you have a Close to My Heart wish list?  Customize your own bundle of $100.

Total $100 bundle and you pay only $70.

How to order and get your discount:

Select/create your bundle

Email or phone me with your bundle choice and payment
Michele@therowleys.us  OR 206-697-4373

Your bundle will arrive at your front door within 7-10 business days.

Share this deal with a friend and when they order, you will get an additional gift from me!
If your selection totals $150, you will receive an additional $25 in product. 
The fine print:
This special is only good through Michele Rowley, Close to My Heart Independent consultant beginning June 10th through June 15th, 2013.

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