Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a little turkey for you!


Last week I shared a similar turkey on my Facebook page.  It was created by Arsty Heather using the Artiste Cricut Cartridge.  I used Heather’s instructions and a few of my architectural skills and created this guy to sit on the table for Thanksgiving. 

Here’s how I made it. 

Cut the turkey at 5 1/2 inches in chocolate brown.  (I would suggest cutting 2-3 and layering them for more stability.)  Cut 10 1 1/2 inch circles from the chocolate brown.  I also added a 5 inch chocolate circle for the base. 

Cut the rosettes on page 50 <card> in the following dimensions

  • 2 1/2” in goldrush, cut 2 (back “feathers”)
  • 2 1/4” in desert sand, cut 2
  • 2” in crème brulee, cut 2
  • 1 3/4” in olive green, cut 2
  • 1” in autumn terracotta, cut 1 (for the wattle)


Accordion fold all the rosettes.  Lay the turkey flat on the table and start with the goldrush feathers and glue the first “tab” on the turkey, just in front of the first circle cut on his tail.  Fan open the rosettes and glue the last “tab” on the bottom of the turkey.  Place carefully so the “feather” tip is not sticking off the turkey’s body.  This will interfere with his stability.  Then, just in front of the goldrush “feathers”, glue the desert sand “tab” next to but not overlapping the goldrush “feathers”.  Continue in descending size order on both sides.  I found using liquid glass with clothes pins to hold the “feather” until it is dry works but for speedier assembly, you can use hot glue. 

Fold all the small chocolate brown circles in half.  Glue one half of the circle to one half of the next until you have 5 glued together.  Repeat for side two.  Then attach to the body of the turkey creating a “round” body.

Cut two pieces of the autumn terracotta rosette to use as the wattle and attach just below the beak.  Use an mocha opaque pearl for the eyes. 

For stability, I cut a 3 1/2 slit in the center of my 5 inch circle and put his foot and edge of tail through.  If you use the layered turkey (gluing 2-3 bodies together) you may not need this. 

Clear as mud!  Happy Feathering of the Turkey!  AND

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. 


  1. Michele, thanks for posting the gluing instructions...I was having a tough time getting my "feathers" to stay put with regular adhesive! I'll give the liquid glass a try now!