Friday, March 30, 2012

Product Highlight: Work In Progress Album

What do you do with your layouts when you have finished?  Do you immediately put it in the scrapbook or does it hang around the desk, maybe getting bent corners or dusty?  Have you seen our Work in Progress Albums?  I have two of these.  When I finish a layout, I don’t usually put it in its album.  Why?   Because I sometimes have journaling to finish or I want to finish a companion page, or I wait until I have lots of completed pages to add to the album all at once.  So, I put them in my work in progress album.  When I complete multiple pages, I will then organize them in the order I want and put them in the album. 

Another use for these albums is to organize your photos and papers in preparation for a crop.  You can add the photo pages and to show you your photos and then the 12 x 12 page protectors for your paper or started layout with maybe a sketch. 

Think about how a work in progress album will help you organize your scrapbooking.  And, while you are reading this, I am at a crop…with my work in progress album, scrapbooking with my friends. 


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