Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cricut Tips

Last month during our winter snow storm, I had my Cricut running all day long for an entire week…or so it seemed.  I had so much fun having the extended opportunity to play with it and even figure out a few tricks. 

First, I know there is a special tool that helps to stick the paper to the mat, kind of looks like my pan scraper in the kitchen.  You can buy one from Cricut or use your kitchen scraper but I found my brayer while I was searching for something and knew immediately I could put it to use.  So, my clean brayer has become a permanent fixture next to my Cricut and when I lay the paper on the sheet, I roll the brayer over it to make sure it sticks!


Second, I was cutting out pieces for a card class and found it tricky and time consuming to cut all the different pieces to be layer on a circle card.  My solution?  I decided to adhere the strips of paper onto a larger cardstock sheet and then place my blade and cut the full circle.  You can see the 3 strips of paper in this photo.


And they were cut in a circle to make this card here (paper is different but you can see the three different strips on the background.  (I know the card is turned.  I was trying to highlight the strips by showing the card and paper in the same directions.)



Here you can see what it looks like after the cuts and removal of one of the circles for the card. 

046 (2)

I did the same for this card. It has three different pieces as the background so I again adhered all three pieces on my larger cardstock paper and cut the circle for the card. I had to carefully place the cutting blade each time to get the correct pattern. I must admit, each one was a bit different but it WORKED! I can’t wait to have another circle card class and try this again.


048 (2)

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