Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A teenage milestone

This is the story:

Certain that she would never go to a high school dance, Alli had plans for a movie night with friends for Homecoming.  With only one week before the dance, she received a text, asking her if she wanted to go with Thomas.  She said yes!

Dress shopping began immediately and came up dry on the first round.  Martha and Alli were then dropped off at the Ross’ in Redmond while we attended a birthday party for Ric Gray.  As they tried on dresses, texted photos, and received the thumbs up or down by the entire group (Yosts, Quiggs, and Gray’s), they found the top three.  I then joined them and Alli tried them on again and we found the perfect dress.

Of course, we had a few alterations; adding “color” using some ribbon Ruth had on hand and some ribbon straps to keep everything in place.  Because I was going to be at the women’s retreat, I set up an appointment for Alli to have her hair done with Marti at noon. 

Paula and I drove home from Whidbey Island to see both girls off to the dance, take photos, and enjoy a teenage milestone.  Then back to the women’s retreat we went while Alli and Martha, in separate parties were off for a fun evening. 

Posting a photo on face book, gathered these responses:

  • Stacey Mangum: Awww...!!!

  • Katrina Dohn: They are adorable!!!

  • Lisa Balyeat: Great picture!!

  • Heidi Monroe: Great picture! Lovely couple.

  • Jane Rowley: Who is that guy? Where is his family from? What church does he attend? What kind of work does his parents do? What are his plans for the future? HE IS TOUCHING HER!!!

  • Jefferson Rowley: Jane - I'll need to borrow Mathew's Shotgun. Can I come by on Sunday?

  • Pat Rudisill: Great picture, love the dress and the accent color, especially on the nails!


  • Megan Rowley: Wow parentals calm down! You raised her right, she'll be fine :)

  • Emily Yeater: AWWWW!!!!! SO CUUUUUUUUUTEEEEE:)

  • Brandyce Krutsinger: Very cute!

These are the photos:


Sonoma Paper Packet & Stickease with Stardust Glitter Gel in the center of the flowers for just a touch of sparkle.  Title is stamped with Old World Alphabet. 

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