Monday, December 19, 2011

Hers & Mine: A little secret

Many people comment on the ideas that I share in workshops and on my blog.  Where do they come from?  Well, I am going to share my secret with you. 

Close to My Heart is a generous community of fabulously creative people…including the founder of the company, Jeanette, herself.  As a consultant, I have access to an artwork bulletin board where people share their creations.  Close to My Heart also has these great “how to” books and the semi annual idea books, chalked full of wonderful artwork.  And, then there are blogs…and lots of them.  So many consultants share what they have created, their techniques, inspiration, and awesome artwork using the products we love.  I review many different blogs and of course have my favorite.  The secret is….I copy them.  Yes I said it, the secret is, I copy them! 

Jeanette, our company founder, has a blog and each week, she shares a creative technique.  This past week she shared the technique of tone on tone color.  You can see her blog here.  I loved her demo card knew it would make the perfect card for a special friend’s birthday, so I copied her! 

Now about copying.  Some call it scraplifting or stamplifting, others call it their “source of inspiration” but to take it down to the elementary level, lets just say…as a kid might….I am a copycat.  And I am proud of it!
A few important things you need to know about this secret.  First of all, when you do copy, it is a common courtesy to give credit to the person you copied from.  It is even better if you can link back to the source.  And, keep your copying to items for personal use.  Take your appreciation even further and leave a comment or email a note, letting the creator know you love their artwork! 

Now, drumroll please….
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