Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June Everyone!

So much to celebrate this month

First of all, I welcomed three new downline to my team!  I am looking forward to working with Lalia, Tina, and DeAnn as they begin their consultantship with CTMH.  They have so much to look forward to!  I am blessed to have them as part of the Evergreen Memories Team. 

Second, my ninth anniversary with CTMH was in April.  Life was so busy, I didn't get to celebrate it with you.  So, since this is my birthday month, I thought I would just celebrate BIG!  And look forward to sharing the celebration with you.  Details coming to your inbox about my Studio Sale and celebration. 

Third, it is Studio J Free For All month.  Everyone and anyone can create a Studio J layout and get a free JPG (actually three, a low resolution of the double page spread, and a high resolution of each page).  Watch for tomorrow's post about what you can do with this free JPG.  Visit my website here to begin your layout. 

Fourth,  convention is just around the corner.  Two consultants on my team will be joining me this year, Cindy and Gail.  I have to say, although I have gone to convention every year is great, having part of my team there with me makes it even better by far!  Watch for new products and programs coming to you in August. 

Finally, I have a full schedule of end of the school year events to participate in making it almost officially SUMMER!

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