Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sometimes I think there should be a rule, for me, that I can't go back to a place until I have scrapbooked the memories from the previous time we have been there.  And then, I don't like that rule when I have the opportunity to travel to a place again and in fact, I haven't scrapbooked the photos and don't know if I will have time in the near future.  This is my story for Disney.  In the spring of 2004, we went to Disney World for a couple of days and in the Fall of 2006, we went to Disneyland with another family.  I did sidestep the rule that time because we really were going to two separate places. 

Now, I am in a bind...  Next year the Close to My Heart convention is at Disneyland.  I am so excited!  Of course my entire family wants to go and partake in the magic of it all!  But, I still haven't put those earlier memories to paper and enjoyed reliving them with my family.  So luckily I have a year and Zippidee paper packet.  (And a daughter who is now old enough and loves to scrapbook to help me make it happen!)  Enjoy the beginning of our work in the photos below.  I don't think it will take me an entire year to get them done because of the awesome products I have to work makes it so much fun. 

Products used to create these pages include:

Zippidee Level 2 Paper Pack (X7125B) - $12.95
Fancy Fuzz (Z1315) - $3.95
Black Waxy Flax (Z1089) - $3.95
Holiday Craft Buttons (Z1285) - $7.95
Black Stamp Pad (Z2105) - $5.25
Cranberry Stamp Pad (Z2116) - $5.25
Finishing Files (Z1091) - $5.95
Cocktail Alphabet (E1015) - $34.95
1" x 6.5" Block (Y1005) - $6.50

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