Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Studio J Set

This page is from the Mediterranean cruise Jeff and I went on in October 2009.  I have almost completed the scrapbook in the "classic" style of scrapbooking but ran out of umph when it came to finishing the last set of photos.  Studio J has been my answer!  The paper packet I choose for this scrapbook, Vintage Travel, is a choice on Studio J so it makes it easy to continue with my scrapbook as planned. 

As I was scrapbooking today with paper, I wanted to see what these photos would look like on the layout.  So, I was able to map out the photos, crop them and create a similar layout.  I have the photos on order at Costco and will be able to place them in the layout when I pick them up.  I will buy the layout I created on Studio J and send it to my brother and his wife as a gift.  Loving the possibilities of Studio J...using it to plan my classic scrapbooking!

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