Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creating Faux Wood Paper

As I was cleaning off my desk yesterday, I came across this piece of paper I had stamp/distressed/penned to make a faux wood look. I took photos at each step along the way and then did nothing with them. Well it is time to share how I did it and the card I made with it.

I started with a piece of 4x51/4 inch colonial white cardstock.

I used the foam sponge and Desert Ink and sponge over the entire paper.

With the Chocolate ink and the sea sponge tool, I went over the first layer and add this new texture to my paper.

I used the small Chocolate distressing ink to create grain with a direct to paper inking. You want to make sure that you go only in one direction to get the appearance of the "grain".

I continued the direct to paper inking until I received the desired amount of "grain" in the texture.

Using the Cocoa ink, I added some darker grain to continue the wood texture. This was also direct to paper and continued in the same direction as the previous inking.

Using my fine tip Legacy writers, I drew lines in the direction of the wood grain about the same distance apart. Then I drew horizontal line with "nails" to show a look of plank boards.

Using this piece of faux wood and extra flowers on my desk from a different project, here is my card. Try the faux wood distressing technique and show me what you made! Michele

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